Steel Shots

Steel shot blasting is the most widely used process for cleaning, stripping and improving a metal surface. The grade or size of steel shot will determine the ultimate finish achieved on the surface of the metal. The round ball shape of the steel shot produces a clean, smooth and polished surface through a peening action created by the acceleration of the shot. In a peening application, steel shot is also used to impart compressive strength to torque or load bearing metal parts such as crankshafts, engine turbine blades and heavy-duty springs.

Sizes for Different Applications

Smaller steel shot will result in a smoother and more polished surface. Larger shot will clean more aggressively but produce a rougher surface. Both air powered and wheel blast systems can be used to accelerate the steel shot onto the surface of the part. Due to the hardness and density of steel shot, it can be recycled as much as 3000 times before replacement. Since steel shot does not use an abrasive process, a minimal amount of dust is created in the blasting process.

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